Pioneers in managed networks and automated information systems engineering

Managed Networks

LocustWorld communications systems provide a fully managed service for public and private networks, utilizing both wired and wireless connections in many business models. We support each individual user, while also managing and monitoring the whole installation via online control consoles. Our system brings clarity and effective control to all aspects of your network operations.

LocustWorld Labs

Labs is the in-house R&D centre for LocustWorld, creating innovative new applications. LocustWorld Labs solves real world problems in new ways using multi-disciplinary techniques. Over the years all kinds of innovative systems have been produced. LocustWorld Labs carry out self-funded "blue sky" research, and also take on customer commissions to develop new systems on demand.

IT Network Specialist

LocustWorld is a UK based systems house serving customers world-wide. With business operations for over 15 years, continuous evolution to include new technology developments, maintaining compatibility with existing systems. LocustWorld have maintained a reputation for innovation and performance from thousands of installations world-wide.

Smartphone App Development

Interactive Smartphone apps play a key role in many LocustWorld applications. We design, produce and operate smartphone apps that help LocustWorld customers to extend their business operations into new areas, reaching consumers, maintaining customer loyalty and improving internal operations.

LocustWorld Intuition

Intuition is a software platform which adds cloud management to any device. A powerful networking system for secure high availability applications. LocustWorld produced the Intuition system to manage large networks of embedded devices. Intuition also controls specialist one-off devices and applications, and works with networked devices and services on any network.

Extended Range Broadband

LocustWorld has a long and strong track record in rural installations with limited facilities. Using a single trunk connection to the internet, the system distributes the service widely around the local area to multiple users. Extensive networks with live reference sites show how the LocustWorld system is used in all types of applications.

History of Innovation

Since the early 2000s, LocustWord has pioneered research into Mesh Networking, linking independent intelligent devices into a self-organising network of peers to create wide area wireless networks, producing the LocustWorld MeshBox. Following on from the early success of the MeshBox, LocustWorld Labs have continued to produce other innovative systems.

Access Control Systems

Spanning biometric time attendance systems, NFC based vehicle, package and personal identification, CCTV and ANPR; we have the integration skills and software development capacity to produce secure and consistent systems. The "Intuition" software platform unites devices and allows effective management. Useful for high availability, remote management and efficient operations.

Gateway Billing System

Our billing system is an interactive service allowing self-registration for subscriber and pre-pay internet services through online payment and authorisation. Control centre functions allow the operator to maintain the system, monitor customer transactions and respond to customer service queries. LocustWorld provide a call centre option for direct customer support.

Global Project Reach

Based in the UK, LocustWorld serves customer projects world-wide. Often this involves detailed project management and logistics, taking full responsibility for shipping, providing experienced international technicians, handling complex travel arrangements and making field installations and working closely with customer staff in country.