Comprehensive Network Operations

A Complete System for Secure Network Management and Control: Robust field proven system

Network Management

The LocustWorld system has been designed to provide internet access to many users through one or more uplink connections, to meet the needs of Internet Service Providers. The system can be installed over wide areas to deliver wireless internet to public customers, and is equally suitable for closed group networks such as apartments, hotels, education and corporate applications.

The network management system controls and monitors all of the network components from a central console, allowing remote troubleshooting, customer support and routine network management.

Alerts can be defined to notify by SMS, Instant Message or Email when critical events occur. Recording the vital statistics of the infrastructure devices, APs and end-user services provides data for analysing trends and understanding end-user support queries.

Optimised Gatekeeping Systems

The LocustWorld system allocates bandwidth rights to customers for internet access. Customers and other end users are allocated a maximum bandwidth capacity, allowing the total bandwidth to be shared more reasonably by multiple users at the same time and stopping one busy user overloading the system.

Billing System — The LocustWorld billing system is an interactive service allowing self-registration for subscriber and pre-pay internet services through online payment and authorisation. Control centre functions allow the operator to maintain the system, monitor customer transactions and respond to customer service queries. LocustWorld provide a call centre options for direct customer support. Pre-pay and subscriber services are both supported over the same network.

Network Infrastructure — the LocustWorld system is used to build the network backbone. Wide area coverage can be constructed very rapidly, linking buildings and remote locations. Using wireless links networks can extend over hundreds of square kilometres. In-building LAN and Wifi networks can reach every point, to serve desktop and mobile users.

Handling Growing Demand for Bandwidth

The total data allowance for each user can be defined allowing ISP and hotspot operators to offer products with a maximum download capacity, so customers can buy service "by the megabyte"

Over time the demand for internet services tends to grow, with more users, more applications and more bandwidth being needed. Also, as they continue to use the internet, individuals and organisations tend to become more dependent upon the internet. In many cases the bandwidth provided by a single uplink becomes overloaded, and upgrade options are unavailable, or unaffordable.

To meet the twin needs of greater capacity, and greater reliability, LocustWorld have produced the Hydra, a multi-uplink router that will share user demand over all available uplinks, and handle single line outages, providing a high capacity, high availability solution.