Field-Proven Networking Specialists

Strong Track Record: Live Installations World-Wide

Unique Experience of Networking Systems

LocustWorld is a UK based systems house serving customers world-wide, for over 15 years. With continuous evolution to include new technology developments, whilst retaining compatibility with existing systems. LocustWorld has maintained a reputation for innovation and performance from thousands of installations world-wide. Consistent operations are maintained while taking advantage of improvements in technology.

Live Customer Installations world-wide — LocustWorld has established an excellent track record for delivering high security, high availability networks in customer installations, serving major sites, branch networks and remote access, with long standing live networks world-wide.

Secure Corporate Networks — LocustWorld networks deliver services over wired and wireless networks, securely connecting private and public users to internet services and in-house applications

Efficient Operation using Consistent Standards

Using proven products with remote support brings the benefits of efficiency, security and high availability. Direct end-user support from LocustWorld minimises the local support efforts to provide improved productivity.

Fault Tolerance — Fault-tolerant design removes reliance on single points of failure on critical links, avoiding offline stoppages when a single uplink line goes down.

Unique, Flexible, Secure — LocustWorld Networks are developed in our in-house Labs. The LocustWorld system is independent and works flexibly across devices from different vendors, integrating the network into a single manageable system. Specialised application functions combine online interactive services for end-users, real time monitoring, historical data and forecasting, in a single comprehensive package.

Integrated Applications - Continuous Operation

Billing System — The LocustWorld billing system is an interactive service allowing self-registration for subscriber and pre-pay internet services through online payment and authorisation. Control centre functions allow the operator to maintain the system, monitor customer transactions and respond to customer service queries. The system includes call centre functions for direct customer support.

Topology — The LocustWorld system generates diagrams showing the interconnections between the infrastructure devices, showing real time status and technical parameters. As networks grow the topology diagrams become increasingly valuable to help to understand the "big picture" of how the network is connected and to drill deeper into specific points. Topology is particularly valuable with wireless networks, where the interconnections are invisible and subject to change from environmental effects.