Distributing Wireless Internet in Off-Grid Rural Locations

Connecting Rural Communities to the Internet: Extending Internet Access into new territory

Rural Connectivity

LocustWorld has a long and strong track record in rural installations with limited facilities.

When broadband services were not available in the UK outside of the major cities, the LocustWorld Wireless Mesh provided a unique and lasting solution for rural communities. Since then LocustWorld systems have expanded world-wide to provide internet in hard to reach places.

From an uplink connection to the internet, the system distributes the service widely around the local area to multiple users.

Wide-Area Distribution

Flexible network distribution reaches local and remote users.

Local users can connect cordlessly to a nearby wifi access point, within range. Remote users can connect using a fixed wireless terminal, mounted in a higher place to get a signal from the centre.

The mesh networking functions of the LocustWorld system extend range using multiple hops. The inherently flexible system allows the network structure to evolve and achieve optimum results.

Customer Installations — Rural Internet — World Wide

Extensive networks with live reference sites show how the LocustWorld system is used in all types of applications.

The range of coverage depends upon service demand, and can vary from a closed network covering a private establishment, through to a widespread public network with a radius of 10km or more.

Recently the system was tested and approved by the Welsh Government Office as part of the "Superfast Broadband" service, where to qualify end users must show that they can get sustained speeds of over 30mbit/s.

The economics of the service work by making enough subscribers available to share the cost of the installation and the operating costs of the uplink. As the subscriber base grows the network can be upgraded to deliver more bandwidth, more users and longer range.