Smartphone Applications — Continuous Innovation using New Technologies

Flexible New Functions: Achieving Competitive Advantage

Improve Business Operations

Interactive Smartphone apps play a key role in many LocustWorld applications.

We design, produce and operate smartphone apps that help LocustWorld customers to extend their business operations into new areas, reaching consumers, maintaining customer loyalty and improving internal operations.

High availability, high security systems integrate closely with existing customer systems and other LocustWorld products.

Continued Progress in Pioneering Mobile Applications

Since producing the world-first Locust Cellular system in 1996, providing group chat and information distribution over GSM phones using SMS messages, LocustWorld have kept up with the accelerating changes and advances in mobile technology.

Taking advantage of the amazing features of today's smartphones produces powerful, flexible applications of all kinds.

LocustWorld smartphone applications combine remote communication, sensors, location tracking and server integration, helping to achieve competitive advantage and improved operations.

Embedded Systems — The "Internet of Things"

Backed by secure server operations, smartphone apps feed into "big data" analytics, building a closer relationship with the end-users.

Our background in embedded systems uses smartphones to grow the scope of our "Internet of Things" applications, linking to contactless technology, using NFC, barcodes, cameras, bluetooth, GPS and many other functions. These applications serve customer service, customer loyalty, closed group communications, ID verification and asset tracking.