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About LocustWorld's Founders

Recognised as pioneers, our expertise, flexibility and value proposition makes us ideal partners for any project.

Hands-on Approach

LocustWorld is headed up the founders, Richard Lander and Jon Hudson. Richard and Jon have been dedicated to LocustWorld for over 15 years.

Working at LocustWorld is the longest, toughest and most rewarding job in their working lives.

Richard graduated from City of London Polytechnic in 1982 with a BSc degree in Computer Studies. Jon graduated from Reading University in 1997 with a BSc degree in Computer Science.

Prior to setting up LocustWorld in 2002, Jon and Richard both had extensive experience in Networks and Systems.

History of Innovation

With a strong understanding of network protocols and information system design, one of Jon's early ventures was "Locust Cellular". This was the Twitter or Whatsapp of its time back in 1996.

Locust provided group chat, email, fax and on demand information for end-users of the first GSM phones, 10 years before the first iPhone. Locust Cellular was recognised as a unique new application at the time.

During the early dotcom era, Jon added to Locust, launching an automated internet service provider, with focus on web programming, automation and network security, involving cryptographic design and unix system engineering.

Background in Business

After working on Real-Time Financial Dealing Systems in the City of London in the 1980s, and then in Marketing for IBM, Richard joined specialist software house Analystic Ltd in the 1990s, as Managing Director.

Seeing the potential of new consumer wireless hardware, combined with experience in decentralized systems and the ever growing demand for Internet access, Richard and Jon joined up to start LocustWorld in 2002, and the LocustWorld MeshBox was born.

Like Locust Cellular, the LocustWorld Mesh was widely received as a powerful new technology, contributing to the growth of online communication systems. As the early Mesh Networks grew into larger scale ISP networks, with advances in radio technology and embedded systems, LocustWorld grew, integrating e-commerce, global cloud management, bandwidth management and other applications.

Wireless Mesh Networks, using the LocustWorld MeshBox, spread rapidly in world-wide projects. Reaching beyond the limits of conventional networking technologies, LocustWorld Mesh is used to provide universal communications by ISPs, major companies and community projects. These widespread wireless networks have been the launch-pad for a host of online applications, building the portfolio of products and services provided by LocustWorld today.