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Device Swarms — Distributed Cloud Management

Swarm Management: Cloud manage many sites and devices

Evolving the best of breed

We take the best network hardware available and extend its function using the long-established LocustWorld Intuition platform.

Intuition allows for fast customer deployment, cloud management, reporting, billing, mapping and remote access features which are not available with the off-the-shelf products.

These enhancements make delivery of flexible managed services from any location possible. Remote diagnostics and monitoring of customer sites reduces response time and troubleshooting overheads.

Scalable from a single device to city-wide broadband networks.

Provisioned and Ready To Go

For projects of all sizes, LocustWorld often provide preconfigured systems, to customer's standard settings. This "package" approach allows for rapid deployment.

We work closely with the customer to recommend network hardware and select appropriate settings, making installation smoother. Delivered devices are pre-provisioned with appropriate settings and installation can be as simple as connecting power.

LocustWorld support teams and network operators can observe the network roll-out remotely in real time.

Our current provisioning factory output capacity is 2000 units a week.

Unlimited Horizons for any device

The Intuition platform is not limited to traditional network hardware. Many other classes of device can benefit: Vehicles, Street furniture, Factory automation, CCTV, Access Control, Off Grid Power, Temperature and Environmental Sensors, Specialist One-Off Devices and Applications, Smart phones etc.

If you have an application or market you would like to discuss, feel free to get in touch.