Pioneers in managed networks and automated information systems engineering

Working with LocustWorld

Seeing the job all the way through is a consistent factor in LocustWorld projects, which are closely aligned with customer objectives.

Engineering Understanding

We work together to understand and define the overall business objectives, and then to engineer systems to meet the needs of the project.

New installations move on into support for ongoing operations, handling growth, support and maintenance, and adding new functions into the existing system, to ensure continuous smooth progress.

LocustWorld are experienced in all aspects of systems and networks.

In addition to the many LocustWorld applications, we also have the capacity to produce new functions, and to integrate existing systems infrastructure into a unified framework, improving operations and contributing to the overall business objectives.

Collaborating for Success

Working in close collaboration builds customer relationships, sharing skills transfer and vision with customer personnel, covering the technical, management and commercial aspects of the job.

Being involved in so many different installations gives LocustWorld a unique perspective, identifying success factors and general good practice, that can be used to benefit projects in other areas.

LocustWorld applications are equally suited for working from cloud hosted servers and dedicated customer data centres.

Running mirrored applications from multiple locations is regular practice for larger systems, providing scalable high availability services.

Connected to the Lab

Standard LocustWorld products cover many aspects of networking and online systems, and combine with development facilities at LocustWorld Labs to extend system functions when needed.

Dealing with LocustWorld eliminates barriers and bureaucracy, giving customers direct access to the resources needed to get the job done effectively.