Flagship Office

“Flagship” Networking Pack


The “Flagship” package supports a large building like a hotel or office.

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Product Description

For a larger building with more customers the “Flagship” supports a single major building. Suits offices, apartments and hotels. Provides a managed ISP service throughout the premises. Typically supporting extensive buildings over multiple floors.

The building has multiple wifi access points and are supported by a wired backbone.

  • 1x Dual Ethernet Meshbox network controller
  • 1x two-into-one Hydra link balancer
  • 1x Ethernet Switch
  • 1x Communications Cabinet
  • 24x WiFi Access Points operating at 2.4 GHz
  • 28 total items.
  • Price includes all hardware, software licenses and 12 months on-line services and support.
  • Cabling not included
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