To contact LocustWorld for commercial services, please contact moc.1571830534dlrow1571830534tsuco1571830534l@sse1571830534nisub1571830534or call 0207 108 6215 from the UK or +44 207 108 6215 internationally.

The LocustWorld Wireless Mesh is enjoying great success among the commercial and community mesh operators, using the system to provide broadband internet as a chargeable service to business and domestic users. Mesh operators can be co-ops, sharing their costs among members, or commercial companies making a business by earning a margin on the services provided. In all cases the LocustWorld Mesh provides technology that drives the commercial strength broadband delivery service that the operator needs.

LocustWorld have adjusted to the growth of their commercial operations with a range of new developments:

  • Comprehensive support and maintenance services
  • Professional services for planning, survey, design and training
  • A network of Service Partners who can provide installation and local services in the field
  • Direct supply of mesh routers and wireless accessories with same day shipment from stock
  • External funding sources that maintain independence, avoiding bias from the industry
  • Building a solid business foundation to provide consistent support services AND continued innovation.

Support and Maintenance Services

LocustWorld customers demand high quality support and maintenance services, and they want assurance of LocustWorld’s stability and longevity. Customers make a major commitment for their businesses to use the mesh to deliver online services in a demanding and competitive marketplace, and they need to be confident that they can rely on LocustWorld. LocustWorld’s services are provided to the same high standards for customers all over the world. Multi-homed servers and fail-safe design ensure that the mesh stays on. Commitment to professional service helps customers get the most from their mesh and joins together the complex components into a managed process.

Local Services Partners

LocustWorld have a world-wide network of service partners who can deliver the field services needed to get meshes up smoothly and help operators switch on commercial services. LocustWorld remain in the equation, ensuring that every customer can benefit from the top level services that LocustWorld provide, while needs in the field can be provided by a local partner who can deliver most effectively.

In areas where the aren’t any local partners LocustWorld will often fly in resources to get the job done, and then recruit partners to handle the ongoing commitments. LocustWorld receive applications from partner companies of all kinds, and select suitably qualified companies to participate in the support network. Partner companies work closely with LocustWorld to fulfil the demand for mesh networking in their area, with LocustWorld providing marketing and sales support, top level technical help and other professional services to help to get the most from their market.

Mesh Router Stocks

With rising sales and a solid financial base LocustWorld hold stocks of mesh routers for the world markets, which can be ordered directly from LocustWorld. LocustWorld ship mesh routers, antennas, cables and other accessories for setting up mesh networks directly to just about anywhere in the world. Customers can chose to have their machines pre-configured before shipment to accelerate deployment in the field.

Sound Financial Base

“Our customers need to know that they are dealing with a well established and solid company,” says Richard Lander of LocustWorld, “the fact that we have a sound financial base gives our customers confidence in our capacity to deliver mesh networking solutions for their business. Our growth requires working capital, we believe it is very significant that we have been able to maintain our independence while raising the finance that we need to fulfil our business objectives.”

Maintaining Competitive Advantage

More and more commercial mesh operators are relying on LocustWorld for a vital part of their infrastructure delivering communications services. Having a solid base to provide these services gives customers confidence in our ability to deliver consistent service and ongoing innovation, helping them to remain ahead in a competitive marketplace. “We are really pleased that the LocustWorld Mesh is so successful. With so many customers running live wireless meshes, the technology is proving to be a commercial AND technical success.”

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