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Wireless Networking Systems

Castle Tower MeshFor over 10 years LocustWorld wireless networking systems have been delivering live network services in thousands of installations world wide. LocustWorld systems provide a complete package of hardware, software and services to operate a live network. Recognised as pioneers in Wireless Mesh Networking, LocustWorld has grown to offer a full service networking solution, covering network components, access controls, security, remote management and billing.

Wireless Networking Packs

From a single outlet to a massive city wide network. You can chose from a range of ready made packs, suitable for all sorts of applications. The packages presented here serve as examples of the scope, range and cost of LocustWorld systems. These packs illustrate the practical applications and “can do” “full service” ethos that has made LocustWorld so popular in so many different markets.

LocustWorld Meshboxes

Classic Meshbox internalsThe LocustWorld meshbox is the “workhorse” of the LocustWorld systems, under continuous use and development for over 10 years. LocustWorld meshboxes are now available to support a wide range of networks from the smallest to the largest installation. The meshbox is a specialised embedded system that will run in low profile solid state devices. The Meshbox supports vital network functions such as: user access; routing; network monitoring; instrusion security; remote management and many other functions.

The LocustWorld Billing System

Text Message IntegrationThe LocustWorld Billing system provides all of the functions needed for a wireless ISP to sell commercial internet services to end-user customers. Individual users can register online from their laptop or phone, pay, and get online through the billing system. ISPs using the system can apply their own branding, define the products and support their customers through the billing system. Multiple payment methods are supported, including repeat subscriptions and short term hotspot products.

Hydra Link Balancer

Hydra Pro 2The LocustWorld Hydra is a bandwidth aggregating router, combining multiple internet services to provide increased capacity and resilience. Customers with growing bandwidth needs can just keep adding in new lines to the hydra to keep up with demands. The Hydra Router models come in 100mbit and Gigabit models, that can grow from two lines to a current maximum of 32 line capacity.



LocustWorld AdSplash is the wireless network system used to provide sponsored internet services. End users get convenient instant access to the internet by clicking through the sponsor’s message. The sponsor delivers their message directly to the users, with close control over the content and comprehensive performance data to confirm the patterns of use.  Facebook integration and fan-gating is also available.

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